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Charles Gale is an agent for the Foulsham's Wedding Collection Books.

    • Mitch Murray's One-Liners for Weddings
    • The Best Man's Organiser
    • Wedding Speeches
    • Wedding Speeches and Toasts
    • Wedding Etiquette
Mitch Murray's One-Liners for Weddings  

Mitch Murray's One-Liners for Weddings
A sucessful speech depends very much on how the ideas are arranged and structured, not simply on what you say. So when preparing this important speech, you need to understand that "it ain't what you say - it's the way that you say it."

In this book you'll be taught the how to's of making a very sucessful speech and you'll find hundreds of ideas for one-liner jokes to adapt or import for your own purposes.

Mitch Murray is one of Britain's best speechwriters. If you were to commision a speech from him it would cost hundreds of pounds!

Paperback Book (128 pages)
Published by foulsham
Author: Mitch Murray
Price: GB£7.99Click Here to Buy Now

The Best Man's Organiser  

The Best Man's Organiser
A checklist to get things gone properly.

Your ceremonial duties
Escorting the groom to the church.
Briefing the ushers.
Checking the transport.
Helping to host the reception.

That witty speech
How to blend comedy, good taste and sincere wishes. Plus diplomatic do's and don'ts.

Six-month checklist
Getting those tasks in order - from accepting the job to handing back your morning coat.

Use this book to monitor the long sequence of events that lead up to the ceremony. And develop your technique in the popular role of Best Man.

Paperback Book (127 pages)
Published by foulsham
Author: Christopher Hobson
Price: GB£3.99Click Here to Buy Now

Wedding Speeches  

Wedding Speeches
You'll be all right on the day - if you read this book.

Seriously, a wedding speech is easier than you think, as this helpful new book will demonstrate.

First, know where to start:
"Ladies & Gentlemen... (who says flattery doesn't work!)"

Then throw in the odd quote:
"Marriage is a wonderful institution. But who wants to live in an institution?"

Plus a joke or two: We'll help you there too.

Relax and let your own sincerity and humour do the rest. Helped by the useful advice in this book, you will know the drill about speeches and toasts, and have plenty of bright ideas about what to say.

It's going to be fun - for you and your guests

Paperback Book (95 pages)
Published by foulsham
Author: Lee Jarvis
Price: GB£3.99Click Here to Buy Now

Wedding Speeches and Toasts  

Wedding Speeches and Toasts
Don't let weddings leave you speechless.

Suddenly, it's your turn to say a few words. Make sure it's the right few words.

Every wedding is different - so it's vital to suit your speech to the audience and atmosphere. And to know the drill where second marriages, widows or single parents are involved.

That's why you need this book: to make sure you're got enough ideas up your sleeve to keep everyone happy and entertained.

Get them listening...
You may prefer to stick to what's expected - or slay them with the unexpected. Either way, know how to command attention and create rapport.

Get them laughing...
Spice up your speech with some comic quotes or verses. Add some personal jokes. Or pinch one from a celebrity like Groucho Marx!

Keep it snappy. Leave them happy.

Paperback Book (96 pages)
Published by foulsham
Author: Barbara Jeffery
Price: GB£3.99Click Here to Buy Now

Wedding Etiquette  

Wedding Etiquette
The What, How, & When of Weddings

    • Whose job is it to send out the invitations?
    • Who reads the telegrams at the reception?
    • What is the usual seating plan for the bridal party?
    • Must a bride change her maiden name?

Whether it's going to be a big church affair or a quiet civil ceremony, you need to follow the traditional routines that make your wedding one to remember.

So read this book full of clear instructions about everything from the laws to the in-laws. You owe it to yourself and your guests to know the correct drill, as there are no second chances.

Paperback Book (128 pages)
Published by foulsham
Author: Pat & Bill Derraugh
Price: GB£4.99Click Here to Buy Now


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